We create, develop, and provide technologies that protect individual rights and improve people’s lives.
Public Interest Tech Lab projects include:
A platform that gives people the opportunity to control their own personal data from apps and web services.
A platform that allows users, such as journalists, government officials, and researchers, to register and verify the authenticity of original media content, detecting any modifications--such as deepfakes--through automated comparison.
An app designed to leverage technology in order to cultivate fun, exciting, and new opportunities to be physically active at the university level.
An app that monitors a person’s voter registration and alerts if attention is needed.
An online collection of internal Facebook documents designed to facilitate collaborative curation and research.
An app that allows people to communicate using preformatted messages to others who are nearby.
A program that used sensors to track mobile devices within 6 feet of each other for privacy-preserving COVID-19 contact tracing.
A program that creates and assesses technologies, policies and data so that society can share data freely with guarantees of privacy protection.
An interactive map that allows quick, accurate and highly interactive analysis on live census response rates. Census Tracker is designed to demonstrate demographic impacts on census response rates in each community and provide an easy to use tool for users of any background.