Latanya Sweeney, Founder and Director

Bruce Schneier, Leadership Council
Cathy O'Neil, Fellow
Christian DeCoster, Data Assistant and Voter Data Procurement Coordinator
Daniel Schrag, Faculty
Eli Munn, Designer, DevOps
Emine Dogan, DevOps
Erika Brochu, Data Assistant
Gabrielle Malina, FBarchive Research Project Coordinator
James Waldo, Leadership Council
Jessica Shorland, Technology Outreach Manager
Jimmy Huettig, Project Data Coordinator
Ji Su Yoo, Managing Editor, Journal of Technology Science
Jonathan Zittrain, Faculty
Joshua Shank, Program Manager
Josh Visnaw, VoteFlare Project Manager
Julia Angwin, Journalist-In-Residence
Kathy Pham, Faculty
Leonie Beyrle, Research Manager
Linda Osei, Data Assistant
Liz Schwartz, Communications Director
Mamoun Janfor, DevOps
Michael Smith, Leadership Council
Pascal Delpe-Brice, DevOps
Tulika Avni Sinha, Research Assistant
Rosalind Reid, Senior Editor, Journal of Technology Science
Venkatesh Narayanamurti, Leadership Council
Yi-Ting Lien, Affiliate
Belfer Center, Collaborator
Ford Foundation, Sponsor
Harvard Program in Tech Science, Collaborator
Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Collaborator
National Science Foundation, Sponsor
Public Interest Tech University Network, Collaborator
Shorenstein Center, Collaborator
Tech Science Network, Collaborator